Vita al Molino – con Gilberto

In our series «Vita al Molino» , our employees tell you about themselves and their everyday working life. Learn more about the Molino family – today through Gilberto.

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Ciao a tutti. My name is Gilberto. I’m the kitchen chef and deputy manager at Pizzeria Ristorante Molino Gasometer in Kreis 5 here in Zurich and today I’m going to tell you a bit about my everyday life.

What are my tasks?

As kitchen chef, my tasks are to organise the entire lunch and dinner service, planning and cooking, of course.

Apropoz fresh preparation

This is where we prepare our tiramisù for our guests every day. It’s always freshly made and is one of our main products at Molino. You can also order it as a small «Punto e basta!» if you’re not in the mood for a whole portion. Then there’s a spoonful of tiramisù and that always works.

That’s it from me and my everyday life. If you want to see more stories, go to our blog and you can see other stories there. We look forward to seeing you again at Molino. Ciao a tutti and see you soon!

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