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Vita al Molino – con Dimitri

In our series «Vita al Molino» , our employees tell you about themselves and their everyday working life. Learn more about the Molino family – today through Dimitri.

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Ciao a tutti, my name is Dimitri, I’m a deputy manager at Molino in Affoltern am Albis and today I’m going to tell you something about myself and my everyday life.

What are my tasks in the company?

I make sure that the service is well organised so that our guests can have the best possible time in our company. In addition, I do administrative work and also make sure that nothing is lacking in the business. And I do daily trainings for my team, because I have a little speciality: I was chosen by the group to be one of the brand ambassadors of the company.

Why did I switch from French-speaking Switzerland to German-speaking Switzerland?

So to my story: I started at the Molino in Montreux as Chef de Rang. Later, I worked my way up to Chef de Brigade in Geneva. I was able to explore several restaurants, several Molinos. So I subsequently took advantage of the opportunity the company offered me to become deputy manager in the German-speaking part of Switzerland. This gave me the opportunity to see even more new things, explore a new world and acquire new knowledge.

That’s it from me and my everyday life. If you want to see more stories, be sure to go to the blog on our website. I wish you all the best and see you next time at Molino. Ciao a tutti!

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