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Our responsibility

Pizzeria Ristorante Molino’s basic ethos is to think and act sustainably, always with a view to the future.

Our commitment to an environmentally-aware future starts with the way we define our purchasing criteria and extends to our food preparation and waste disposal methods, so that we ensure maximum environmental, economic and social sustainability.

Find out here how Pizzeria Ristorante Molino as a company takes responsibility for what it does.


Pizzeria Ristorante Molino has set itself the goal of demanding the highest standards not only of itself but also of its suppliers and the products that it includes on its menu. Our guests’ enjoyment is always our highest priority.

The following points should be regarded in future as standard requirements for working with us:

  • Sustainable attitude and actions
  • Strong focus on where products come from
  • Packaging kept to a minimum while maintaining the same product quality
  • Reduced imports

Great importance is attached to our suppliers’ sense of economic, social and environmental responsibility.

Molino’s wine supplier Vergani meets these high standards and Pizzeria Ristorante Molino is now able to offer entirely climate-neutral Italian wines in its restaurants. Find out more about Vergani’s climate promise here.

As well as using its own recipes, Pizzeria Ristorante Molino makes sure that only fresh and carefully selected ingredients find their way on to your plate. Special attention is paid to the origin of the products used. We make no compromises on product quality and for certain specially selected products we require certification. Find out more about our products and their certification here.

One of our big successes is our partnership with Siporex. At Pizzeria Ristorante Molino restaurants, you can enjoy high-quality filtered local tap water, sparkling or still, that is pumped directly into the carafe from the dispenser. This system cuts down on glass or plastic bottles, transport miles and cold storage capacity, which in turn reduces electricity consumption and the use of refrigerant gases that are harmful to the environment. Find out more about Siporex here.

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If we want to change something in the future, we must take responsibility for our actions today.

2019 began with the launch of our new energy optimisation programme, in which all our employees were involved and given appropriate training. By implementing energy optimisation consistently, even in the very first year we were able to achieve an 8% reduction in electricity consumption compared with the previous year. Find out more about our energy optimisation programme here. Furthermore, since 2020 all Pizzeria Ristorante Molino restaurants have obtained sustainable electricity produced entirely by hydroelectric power stations.

At the Fribourg and Geneva Balexert restaurants, fume scrubbers have been installed. By fitting these professional filter systems to our wood-fired pizza ovens, Pizzeria Ristorante Molino is reducing its emissions of particulates to almost 0%. This project is by no means over and, as new restaurants are opened or existing ones renovated, we will check whether it is feasible to install and use such a system (where the conditions are right for a wood-fired oven).

When fitting out our pizzerias, we take care to use high-quality products and predominantly natural and long-lasting raw materials. For example: marble from Carrara in Italy, solid wood with the FSC label (from forests managed in a sustainable and eco-friendly way), chairs made of oak from the Jura and terrazzo floors cast in situ using stones and cement.

When buildings are demolished, we not only take care to sort and dispose of the rubble correctly according to the categories of recyclable materials, but we also endeavour to reuse as many of the fittings as we can. Wherever possible, machines and appliances are repaired and reused. Any furniture and equipment that are still in good working condition but no longer required after the conversion work are donated to the Swiss charity HIOB International. Find out more about the HIOB here.


In the interests of preserving resources and the environment, we pay close attention to food waste and recycling.

Pizzeria Ristorante Molino cooks food to order, so very little food waste is generated. Dry products are used and prepared straight from the cabinets in the dining room where they are stored. Fresh, homemade produce is not only carefully date-stamped but also incorporated in the menu in such a way that as little food is wasted as possible.

The “reusable containers” pilot project has been running at Molino Dietikon since mid-2021 and at Molino Thônex since autumn 2021. At those restaurants, Pizzeria Ristorante Molino is offering the option of ordering your takeaways in a reusable container, for a one-off deposit of CHF 10.-. The reusable container can be refilled or returned at any Molino restaurant. This initiative is another step in our mission to use resources carefully, while the quality of the food remains the focus of our efforts.

To preserve resources and the environment, all waste is sorted before disposal. Only materials that cannot be recycled are put in the bin and incinerated. Recyclable materials, though, are collected separately and processed to manufacture new products. Polystyrene and wooden crates are returned to our vegetable suppliers.

Did you know that Pizzeria Ristorante Molino always uses cleaning products from vanBaerle/Ecolab’s green range? VanBaerle/Ecolab makes sustainable, efficient washing and cleaning products that enable Molino to guarantee that all areas are kept clean at all times and to maintain perfect, long-lasting hygiene even in sensitive areas. All products are easily biodegradable and based on renewable raw materials. We also use biotechnology products from InnuScience (specially selected, naturally-occurring microorganisms and enzymes). Using products with eco-friendly ingredients will protect our health and the environment now and in the future. All our businesses have devices for automatically measuring the dosage and dilution rates when preparing cleaning solutions, which cuts down on plastic consumption and the excessive use of cleaning products .

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